Game, Set and Facts

66 years of freak tennis events and records

When John Isner defeated Nicolas Mahut in the first round of The Championships in 2010, we knew it might be the longest match that would ever be played: 6-4  3-6  6-7  7-6  70-68.

But who knew that John and Nicolas were drawn again to meet in the first round at Wimbledon, the very next year? Or that Nicolas won 5% more points than John? Or that the 183 game match was 25 games longer than all seven matches combined in Bjorn Borg’s 1978 French Open win?

Rod puts some of the most extreme results and records in the women’s, men’s and wheelchair tennis game into perspective.

Tennis players love the G.O.A.T debate. But who knew that two women, not usually considered, won 45% of all the Grand Slams Singles events they played from their first win to their last?

Or that – of the men who have hit the 12 fastest serves ever recorded – only one ever won a Grand Slam Singles title? Or why this might be?

Or that one grossly overlooked women’s champion won a Grand Slam Singles final losing only thirteen points?

Rod’s years playing tournament tennis and his passion for records create this unique compilation – advancing our respect for the game’s achievers.