‘Famine, poverty and disease have been eradicated; we live peacefully, sustainably, respecting human and animal rights.’

Action not Apathy
‘When all is said and done, more is said than done.’ Aesop.

Let’s choose to find motivation in positive emotions, rather than fear. Let’s make the changes because we imagine the world climate-stabilised, healthy, sustainable, peaceful. Let’s do it for the next generation so they inherit a sustainable Earth.

Animals Asia
Bear bile farming is cruel and continues today in China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia and Taiwan. Bear bile products are also found in Australia, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Singapore, the US and Canada. Help AnimalsAsia rescue and care for the innocent moon bears that are sometimes caged in agony in cages for up to 20 years.

Carbon Dioxide
Carbon dioxide will kill far more of us than covid ever could. See Beat Energy Bills and Climate Change summary back in the website. Here are the graphics for your debates with climate-change deniers.

Climate Change and CoP-Out
The majority of politicians at the CoP 26 talks made commitments towards keeping Earth at ‘only’ 1.5 Centigrade above pre-industrial levels. Never has even a fraction of CoP commitments been honoured. The latest calculations from the IPCC indicate that even if all Cop 26 commitments were adhered to, global warming would reach 2.4 Centigrade warmer. We must lean on our politicians by telling them their political careers depend on their climate commitments and the actions that back them up.

So, this is what your rhymingclimatetiger thought about CoP 27, both before and after the talks. The clue is in the name, actually; they are called ‘climate talks.’

At Egypt COP the good and great
Will talk into the early hours.
Lobbyists and Heads of State
And bureaucrats from Ivory Towers.

As if the world’s not hot enough,
They come by car, they come by air.
They come to hear the eco-stuff
But talk as if there’s time to spare.

They talk and talk and talk and talk;
1.5 – a worthy goal.
But will they really walk the walk
And ban the use of oil and coal …

And help the third world modernise
By helping them with greener power,
The temperature to stabilise.
Will they grasp the vital hour?

2 weeks later …

Again, they did not seize the day,
With tipping points just years away.
They kicked the climate can once more
And COPPED OUT as they have before!

According to the World Health Organisation, 1320 children die from malaria each day. The vast majority of these deaths can be prevented.

There are hundreds of charities writing policy statements, lobbying with words etc. Words in themselves achieve nothing. The world needs actions, not endless discussion.

So, in line with the Worldwize mission statement, we list links to the charities we have identified as actively working where it makes a difference, long-term and with good governance.

Education of girls
Educated girls become more empowered women who make better life choices, are healthier and have fewer children. The medieval practice of denying girls education comes from fear in men (weakness) and religious dogma.

Food and Famine
According to the World Food Program the various global shocks of the last few years have doubled the number of people in severe food shortage to 345,000,000 across 82 countries.

Human Rights
Those of us lucky enough to live in a democracy take for granted the right to hold our elected representatives to account. But sadly there are injustices occurring all over the world: China and the Rohingya muslims, Iran and the suppression of women, North Korea, Syria and Ukraine to name only a few examples. Amnesty International continue tirelessly to support victims, but to continue they need our support.

Anyone responsible for making decisions will confirm what common sense tells us: that the more diverse the contributions are, the better the resulting decisions. Including women, people from ethnic and other minorities, people with less education, people from different belief systems and different experiences makes for wiser decisions and choices that receive the widest buy-in.

‘Peace Direct supports hundreds of local people preventing wars around the world.’ This, in turn saves lives and enables people in areas of conflict and war to better educate and feed themselves.

Worldwize believes that women and girls hold the key to unlocking the vast potential of half the world population in the poorest countries. Actionaid focusses on poverty and helping girls get an education.

If one measure of civilisation is how we care for those without voices, then Gandhi had something useful to say. When asked what he thought about western civilisation, he replied ‘I think it would be a very good idea.’

Forests currently contribute to the sequestering (trapping) of 25% of all carbon dioxide emissions worldwide. But this contribution could be as high as 50% with the right commitments from governments. Individually, we can plant trees that thrive in our local climate. But we can also lean on the politicians who set the agenda wider. Ask us to send your local MP a free copy of Beat Energy Bills and Climate Change.

Each and every one is us is in service to someone or something. Our life choices determine where we focus our energy and what sort of Earth we leave to our children and theirs. We are the first generation to understand the complex interactions of ecosystems and climate. But we may be the last generation to be able to exert the necessary power in time to secure our future here. Our choices – environmental, sustainable, inclusive, worldwize – will determine if we deserve the chance.

Who would have believed one hundred years ago that in the year 2024, 50,000,000 people would exist as modern-day slaves, 12,000,000 of them children. This exploitation, particularly of women, children and people from disempowered backgrounds must be stopped.

Tigers etc.
What does it say about us when we cannot even protect the magnificent, iconic species of planet Earth? Tigers, elephants, polar bears, rhinos, pandas, orang-utans and many more, all need our protection. In many cases our incursion into their natural habitats severely endanger them. Once gone, they are gone. Adopt a tiger or other creature and enhance their chances of survival.

Worldwize Wind
Worldwize Ltd. (Co. Reg. No. in England and Wales  0943 9446) has never had an income, only expenses. The charity we tried to set up ten years ago was denied charitable status on the grounds that its remit was too wide. The entire premise of Worldwize is a holistic, wider view of what we can do to create a better, more sustainable world. But we were unable to convince the Charities Commission of our ‘charitable purposes.’

So, we are planning a Worldwize Wind Turbine, owned exclusively by donors to the crowd-fund. The owners will take a share of profits in exact proportion to their share of funding. An escrow account will be set up to secure the fund and protect funders in the time it takes to build one or more turbines. If you would like to be informed of developments, please contact us.

X is for Multiply
You can be part of serving the Worldwize community by merely spreading the word. Multiply yourself and tell people about us and our vision.

Zero Emissions
If you would like to know how you – as an individual – and the world can be energy-self-sufficient from renewable energy exclusively, you will find the answers in Beat Energy Bills and Climate Change. All the technology we need already exists.