You Never Asked

Lucy and John are skiing in the French Alps. The assassins sent to kill them last autumn have re-grouped, this time sniper-trained and equipped with lethal drone technology.

One of the pyramids at Giza was built as a decoy. Its highly gifted builder, Menkaure had seen the tombs of Khufu, his grandfather and Khafre, his father both robbed. He collected artefacts dating back 500 years; his tomb would likely contain the most extravagant treasures ever buried with a Pharaoh.

Menkaure designed his tomb to be completely impenetrable. For 4,500 years it has remained un-touched, even un-located. Lucy and John must decipher the hieroglyphs and ancient texts even to locate the tomb, let alone survive its lethal traps.

Meanwhile, their assassins are becoming desperate. As Lucy and John get closer to the tomb, they have anticipated further murder attempts. But they could not possibly prepare themselves for what they find in Menkaure’s mortuary chamber.