Priceless Union

2012. Hurricane Sandy is about to hit Boston with devastating power. Lucy’s investigations of an art fraud take her to London to meet John Baxter who is collecting a four-season set of stunning New England landscapes.

They fall dizzily in love, but she doubts the viability of a transatlantic relationship made more dangerous when their searches threaten the fraudulent copying of famous artworks by one of America’s greediest and most vicious families.
As the stakes grow ever higher, Lucy and John need cool-thinking courage to outwit the relentless assassin chasing them from Boston to the Bahamas, London’s National Gallery and Venice.

Finally, two twists force Lucy and John to confront their most terrible question – can they sacrifice their relationship to protect the ones they love?

‘The story is strong – the narrative, entertaining. The mystery surrounding the paintings is quite satisfying and demonstrates your unique voice and ability to tell a story.’
– The Literary Consultancy